Year Four

Happy New Year from all in Year 4!!!

In English, we have begun the term with a focus on non-fiction and Year 4 have become local news reporters and are currently writing our own story of events following a recent trip.

Later in the term we will be looking at other types of non-fiction texts which will involve looking at the features of a non-fiction text and providing children with the opportunity to create their own non-fiction page to collate into a class text.

Our class Reader is currently ‘A place called Perfect’ by Helen Duggan. It’s a very interesting story which the children are enjoying trying to figure out the plot! Helen Duggan uses some fantastic descriptive language in her writing which is a perfect example to the children to use ion their creative writing.

In topic this term we will begin with a Geography focus on Europe, we will be creating our own passport booklets and jetting off to different countries in Europe where the children will experience some of the traditions that originate from the area. They will also research into the type of climate the countries have, the physical and human features and more factual based information. 

In History Year 4 will be travelling through the Ages learning about the Middle Stone Age to the Iron Age. Year 4 will learn all about the people and their way of life during these times. Our learning will aim to provide children with experiences of living through the ages with the use of naturally sources materials to create their own cave drawings and an opportunity to use clay.

On the completion of our Electricity focus in Science we have a fantastic opportunity to broaden our learning with a visit to Keele University for a Science day! We are incredibly excited and hopefully the children will be too!  

Our new unit of work is Habitats where children will be learning about animals and where they live which will later link to our English work.

Lastly, the maths focus for this half term will be Problem Solving with addition and subtraction; children will be carrying out 2-step problem solving showing clear methods of working out. Following this we will be moving onto multiplication and division. Your child will really benefit from knowing their times-tables confidently. If you would like to support your child in learning their times-tables we would recommend a fun way would be to sing them using Percy Parker songs on YouTube.  is also useful in providing interactive times-table activities.

PE day will be Tuesday and swimming will be on Friday as usual.

We look forward to a fun-filled Term!

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