Year Four

Welcome back to our final term in Year 4.

This term, our topic theme is The Romans. This theme of learning lends itself to almost all areas of the curriculum so we will be making lots of cross-curricular links in our learning throughout the term. We will begin by learning about the founding of Rome before moving onto their invasion on Britain, the Roman army, battle formation and army commands in Latin.

We also look forward to visiting the Dewa Centre in Chester is on June 6th

In English, we have begun the term with drama and persuasive writing which has encouraged children to explore lots of new styles of writing and creative thinking.

Later in the term we will be studying the fiction text ‘Forbidden Footprints’ by Helen Cannon who uses expressive figurative language to describe characters and the settings in the story. This will lead to children having the opportunity to re-write part of the story.


Our class Reader is currently ‘A place called Perfect’ by Helen Duggan. It’s a very interesting story which the children are enjoying trying to figure out the plot! Helen Duggan uses some fantastic descriptive language in her writing which is a perfect example to the children to use in their creative writing.

Spellings will continue to be given out on a Monday and the words will be loaded on to the BGFL ‘Spell blaster.’

In Maths this half term, the children have been learning about roman numerals and will soon be moving onto fractions and decimals.

We have been very impressed by the improvement in children’s times table recall and have noticed how much more enjoyable the children have found learning the times tables since the introduction of Tt blast. We would encourage your children to continue accessing the site to practise as this will help them with a large area of their maths learning. 

Spanish will continue through the term as children learn how to describe themselves, their family, pets, sing about the days of the weeks and months of the year, count and say their likes/dislikes of foods all of which will build up to an all about me write up and presentation.

In Science we are currently looking at the digestive system which the children are finding very interesting.

PE days will be Tuesday and Friday.

If that’s not enough then we’ll also be squeezing in play rehearsals for our summer performance. It’s crucial that your child knows all of their lines by now so that we can concentrate on piecing the performance together and getting as much practised as possible in the limited times we will have.  The children have learnt the first few songs and sound good but any extra practise at home would be great. 

We look forward to a fun-filled Term!

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