Year Two

The theme for the autumn term is ‘The Place Where we Live’. Wherever possible we will link different areas of the curriculum to our autumn theme.

In English we will begin by looking at the story ‘On the Way Home’ by Jill Murphy. We will then move on to look at the tradition tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ where the children will be writing from different character’s point of view and letter writing. We will have a unit of work learning about non-chronological writing where the children will be writing about Leek. They will be producing an information text using persuasive writing techniques informing children of things that they can do in our local area.

Our autumn theme links nicely with other areas of the curriculum too. In geography we will be using maps and atlases to locate Leek and where we are located in the UK. We will look at the human and physical features of our surroundings and we will also use simple fieldwork skills by collecting information about our local area.

In history we will be learning about historical people in their own locality with a focus on James Brindley. I’m hoping to walk the children to Brindley Mill to learn about some of his engineering work. We will also be looking at how places change over time and we will learn about the similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

In art the children will be creating their own canal folk art and in design and technology they will be designing and making their own product using silk.

The science unit of work will be uses of everyday materials and the children will be using a range of scientific skills to learn about materials around them.

In addition to all of the above the children will be having daily maths lessons, two one hour P.E. lessons a week on a Monday and Wednesday and a music lesson each week.

We’re hoping this gives you an idea of what your child will be learning about and will help you when talking to your child about what they have been up to in school this term.

Many thanks,

The Year Two team!

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